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Architectural Standards

The Woodlands Edge Architectural Control Committee (A.C.C.) oversees and approves all new construction and other architectural additions and elements in the neighborhood. Prior to any new construction, addition, landscaping and fencing all plans must be submitted to the A.C.C. for approval.

Summary of Selected Regulations

  • Protected Greenbelt Areas or Common Spaces. These are areas set aside for the enjoyment of all residents in Woodlands Edge. They provide the natural buffers which add value to each property in the neighborhood. These areas are to be respected at all times, and there must be no alteration, digging, planting, dumping, excavation, filling, cutting of trees or plants or any other such activity within this area. Please familiarize yourself with these areas and with the specific requirements.
  • Fencing. There are two styles of fencing which are approved in Woodlands Edge*. Fencing used on a lot line which is adjacent to a greenspace must be the open-picket style (from 4 to 6 feet in height - shorter fences are encouraged). The one exception to this is where the fenced lot line is adjacent to Woodlands Trail (principal roadway), it must then be the solid board fencing with cap. Corner posts must be built as shown. All fence rails must face the inside of the lot. Shorter open-picket fencing of a height of 4' is generally encouraged except as noted. Chain link fencing is strictly prohibited. Fencing styles other than those noted above (such as wrought iron) may be considered by the Architectural Control Committee. *The Tallgrass neighborhood has separate fencing requirements, see Tallgrass Fencing Requirements for detailed regulations if applicable.
  • Vehicles. Except during special occasions, homeowners shall park their vehicles and the vehicles of their guests, family members and other invitees either inside their garage or on their driveway. No inoperative, disassembled, junk, or commercial vehicles, no trailers, campers, recreation vehicles, etc. shall be kept or stored on the property, unless it is in an enclosed garage.
  • Landscaping / Lawn Ornamentation. Prior to occupancy, all landscape plans are to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee at their discretion. Under no circumstance is a residence to be occupied without installation of landscaping. No plastic, ceramic, or brightly colored ornamentation, as well as no pre-cast concrete, metal, or resin objects over 3 ½ feet in height will be permitted in the front or side lawn areas or any area visible from the street unless otherwise approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
  • Play Structures. Play structures will be at the discretion of the homeowner as long as they are kept in good repair and are placed in accordance with the provisions of the Covenants of the Association.
  • Satellite Receiver Dishes. These may not exceed 18" in size, must be of a muted color, and must be located on the back of the dwelling or on the side halfway or more toward the back of the dwelling, unless  otherwise approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

Other regulations include storage of recreation vehicles, storage and placement of recreation equipment, and mailboxes.

For a complete list of regulations contact Woodlands Edge Community Association, Inc. for a copy of the neighborhood covenants.

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