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Woodlands Edge Properties

Little Rock Lots for sale

The best lots are here in Woodlands Edge.  This is where you will find spacious lots amongst the beauty of nature.  Every lot has been perfectly planned to provide the most picturesque views on every property, as well as demonstrate a commitment to the conservation of land and natural resources.  There are several neighborhoods to explore here at Woodlands Edge, each with its own unique look and feel.  There are also many new homes available at Woodlands Edge.


Phase XVII - The Preserve II

(Minimum House Size: Single Level = 3200 SF - Multi Level = 3600 SF)

Lot 17, Block 31 - 2710 Preserve Pass - $164,000.00

Lot 18, Block 31 - 2701 Preserve Pass - $155,000.00

Lot 19, Block 31 - 2711 Preserve Pass - $155,000.00

Phase XVI - OverCreek

(Minimum Home Size: Single Level = 2600 SF - Multi-Level = 2800 SF)

Lot 19, Block 17 - 15 Weatherstone Point - $71,000.00

View lots on the Interactive Map to see each property for sale in more detail.

“Nothing so important as an ethic is ever ‘written’… it evolves in the minds of a thinking community.” Aldo Leopold.
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