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Woodlands Edge Community Association Board of Directors

  • Greg Jones, President
  • Tim Ridge
  • Ashley Cliff
  • Carolee Emerson
  • Eric Holloway
  • Gail Weintraub
  • Mike Tunnell

The Woods Board of Directors

  • Raymond Abramson
  • Melissa Stewart
  • Lisa Wooten


Activities Committee

Cristina King (Chair) -

Activities Committee hosts community events throughout the year.  This committee makes sure these events are well organized and enjoyable for everyone in the community.

Adventure Trail Committee

Greg Jones (Chair) -

Beautification Committee

Gail Weintraub (Chair) -

Beautification Committee helps assure that the established community regulations and requirements are in full compliance.  They provide tips to help residents maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape through emails and newsletters.  The committee also hosts the Yard of the Month contest each summer which highlights the most beautiful landscapes in Woodlands Edge neighborhoods.

Pool Committee

Beth Tunnell (Chair) & Brian Giddings (Co-Chair) -

The Pool Committee coordinates the opening of the pool and makes it enjoyable for everyone through management of Red Cross Certified lifeguards, pool concessions, pool service providers, & other pool amenities.

Tennis Court & Recreation Committee

Diane Skinner (Co-Chair) & Daniel Lazenby (Co-Chair) -

The Tennis Committee helps maintain the tennis courts as well as plan tennis events and coordinate lessons for interested residents. 

Trails Committee

Bill Kemp (Chair) -

The Trails Committee helps ensure the upkeep of our extensive trail system throughout the neighborhood greenspaces.  They coordinate neighborhood trail walks as well as clean up and maintenance days.  

WEEDS (Woodlands Edge Explore and Discover Scouts) - 2nd - 8th Graders

Michele Pyne (Chair) –

The WEEDS leaders provide experiences to guide our youth and community to a deeper understanding and to a closer connection with nature. SEEDS (WEEDS program for Kindergarteners -1st Graders)                                                          

Welcoming Committee

Cammy Jones (Chair) -

The Welcoming Committee greets new residents and delivers pertinent information about the community.  They are here to answer questions and help everyone feel at home from day one.

Wellness Committee

Kristen Lippencott (Chair) -

The Wellness Committee provides wellness/fitness opportunities to the community.  They currently coordinate offerings of Bootcamp, Pilates, and Yoga classes as well as quarterly wellness workshops.  They also plan community events centered around wellness and health.

Community Groups

Men's Bible Study

Jason Everett -

Wine Tasting Group

Mike and Beth Tunnell –

If you are a wine connoisseur or enjoy experiencing various flavors of wine, this group meets once in a while to share favorite wines, try new wines, and learn more about wine varieties.

*There are many other groups that residents have voiced interest in.  If you are interested in heading up a new group (book club, bunco, garden club, bridge/card games, etc.) let us know by emailing and we will help you get the word out.

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." John Muir
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