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How Can I Become a Part of Woodlands Edge?

To ensure the highest standards, home sites are available for purchase by Woodlands Edge homebuilders only. You may secure your home site by working through a Woodlands Edge builder or an “outside” builder who has met with the developer. Contact Rocket Properties LLC for a list of available home sites.

What Recreation Facilities are there in Woodlands Edge?

  • There is a community pool and clubhouse. The pool is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • The clubhouse is open year round and functions as a community gathering place and can be reserved for various parties and functions.
  • Tennis courts, playground and picnic facilities are also provided.
  • A fishing lake, Hidden Pond, has also been built and is open for catch and release fishing only. It has been stocked by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.
  • There are also approximately six miles of hiking and nature trails throughout Woodlands Edge in addition to sidewalks. Additional trails are being built as the community expands. Eventually these trails will be approximately 12 miles in total length passing through many of the preserved greenbelts.  Hundreds of acres are being preserved and protected as undisturbed greenspace and wildlife habitat.

Is there a neighborhood association? Assessments?

Yes. Joni Munn currently manages the business of the community and all facilities owned by the Association. For the current annual assessment please contact Joni at 501-436-9779 or

Why is Woodlands Edge being developed in such an attractive way?

The developers of Woodlands Edge, Rocket Properties LLC, are committed to environmental stewardship. They realize that it is not necessary to destroy the land and environment in order to build an attractive community. In fact, they recognize the considerable value which benefits everyone when nature is left undisturbed.

Are there Architectural, Fencing & other regulations?

The Architectural Control Committee carefully reviews all house plans, fencing styles & other neighborhood items in accordance with the restrictive covenants and guidelines.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir
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